XIAOMI Mijia Pulse Water Gun

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Brand Name: XIAOMI

Communication method: Other

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: MJMCSQ1MS

Certification: CE

Product Name: XIAOMI Mijia Pulse Water Gun

Product model: MJMCSQ01MS

Product size: 657*205*94mm

Applicable age: 14+

Input: 5V=2A

Water gun net weight: 2670g

Charging time: about 5h

Operating temperature: 5℃-45℃

In stock,ship in 24 hours!!

Three Modes: Continuous firing mode/Single firing mode/Accumulator firing mode.
1. The default mode for booting is burst mode, and long press and hold the trigger to burst;
2. Short press the mode button to switch to single shot mode, pull the trigger and release it within 0.39 seconds;
3. In single shot mode, press and hold the trigger, and all the beam lights on both sides will light up successfully. Release the trigger and launch: if the trigger is not released, the beam lights will flash continuously for 2 seconds before automatic launch: during the process of long pressing the trigger, if all the beam lights are not lit up, if the trigger is released at this time, the force accumulation will fail, and the beam lights will flash quickly for three times before going out.

Mijia pulse water gun
Automatic water absorption, a variety of percussion
Cool light effect, stable and durable

This is no ordinary squirt gun
The cool light effect moves with the blow
Tactical screen display
Know "combat" status at all times
Ultra range of 9 meters
Strong power, simulates true "combat" body sense

Cool light tips
Cool dynamic light effect, synchronous flashing with the shooting rhythm, enhance the game atmosphere, full personality.

Quick automatic water absorption

Just put the gun head into the water and push the trigger forward to automatically fill the water tank within 10-15s. 

Ammunition tactical display
Know "combat" status at all times
Hd tactical display, real-time display launch mode, electricity, water status, information at a glance.

Ultra range of 9 meters
The water gun is fully powered and has a range of 7-9 meters. When it is fired, it can feel significant recoil

High density pressurized water sac provides sufficient power to maintain range stability. Equipped with large capacity water sac, filled with water can fire up to 25 water bombs, more fun.

Large capacity lithium-ion battery
It can fire 2,000 rounds on a single charge
Type-C charging design, 1800mAh lithium ion battery

Ircuit waterproof design
More detailed design
Type-C charging protection pad
Dust-proof, anti-splash, more safe to use
Inlet safety screen
Prevent foreign bodies from entering
Drainage hole design

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