Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

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Color: Brushed Slate
Ships From: CHINA


Item Type: Electric Eyebrow Epilator

Function 1: Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

Function 2: Portable Facial Hair Remover

Function 3: No Blade Eyebrow Trimmer

Function 4: Facial Hair Shaver

Function 5: Painless&Safe Trimmer

Brand Name: foreverlily

Model Number: C-HWJ210306

Item Type: Eyebrow Trimmer

Size: 4.00*15.00*3.00CM

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

Electric Eyebrow Trimmer


1.All-round upgraded with advanced technology. We have upgraded everything. Give it a try and you’ll find how convenient and comfortable this product can be.

2.Sharper blade, more thorough trimming. You can easily shave off your unwanted eyebrows without leaving any trace of hair. A sharper blade also lessens any discomfort that trimming might caused.

3.Brighter, safer. Quality light sources with higher brightness enables you to trim your eyebrows whenever and wherever you want. Now you’re given more freedom-you can trim your eyebrow regardless of the light source.

4.Better hand feel & better durability. As delicate as a work of art. Its comfortable metal body can easily cope with any impacts it is confronted. Hold it in hand and you’ll find it hard for you to put it down.

5.TYPE-C charging port. we equip this trimmer with a TYPE-C port. TYPE-C charging is faster, more advanced and convenient than the traditional one. With this port you no longer need to take one more cord with you when you go out.

6.Compact & lightweight. Weighs 40g, less than a lipstick and you can easily carry it with you. You can put it in your bag and even your pocket without even noticing its existence.

7.Multifunctional. Can be used to trim the hairs in other parts of your body. You can have a try in your nose, ears, etc. Just explore by yourself and you’ll come to realize what a versatile and practical product you’ve purchased.


1.Remove the cap.

2.Press switch button to turn on the trimmer.

3.Place the trimming head close to your eyebrow and start trimming.

4.Move the trimming head in small, circular motions.

Note & Caution

1.Please use on clean, dry skin.

2.The headlight cannot be opened alone. You need to turn on the trimmer to open it.

3.It is normal for the trimming head to become warm when it is in operation.

4.Not intended for children aged 12 and below.

5.This product is not water-proof, so do not rinse the head or the unit under water or even submerge it.

6.Do not use on irritated skin and wounds. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.


Item Type:Electric Eyebrow Trimmer
Charging Time:>40min
Rated Power:MAX 3W
Quiescent Current:3.3ua
Working Current:max0.35Ma
Charging Current:≥250Ma
Battery Capacity:≥250Mah
Operating Time:>120min

Product Include

1*Electric eyebrow trimmer
1*Cleaning brush
1*built-in head light
1*USB cord
1*built-in lithium-ion battery

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