Headlight Restoration Kit

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Color: 300ml


Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Brand Name: AIVC

Product: Headlight Restoration

Easy to Use: Wipe

Features: Solve Headlight Yellowing Oxidation.

AIVC Headlight Restorer

Headlight Restorer is a professional-grade polish that removes dead and faded plastic to reveal the crystal-clear plastic underneath, then protects the surface against UV rays with a layer of sealant. Using this polish reduces yellowing and oxidation build up from plastic headlights and keeps your lights bright and free from discoloration.

Use This To:

·Rub off faded hazy look
·Achieve the clearest vision at night
·Rub on and wipe off oxidized plastic
·Save money with a simple DIY
·Seal and protect against future sun damage

How To Use It

1. Spread 3 - 6 dots of Headlight Restorer over a microfiber towel or applicator pad.
2. Scrub hazy headlight lens vigorously until the polish turns clear.
3. Wipe off residue with a clean microfiber towel and inspect work.
4. Repeat until headlight is satisfactorily clear.

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